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Monthly Special - Guatemala Organic

Monthly Special - Guatemala Organic

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Every month we surprise you with something new! This month it's the Guatemala Organic coffee bean.
This type of coffee is produced by COMAL Mujeres, a female cooperative that cares deeply about sustainable and ecological production. COMAL produces its own organic fertilizer, participates in workshops on entrepreneurship and regularly renovates the rootstock of the coffee plant. This way, coffee plants stay healthy and productive for longer.

With the sale of every bale of coffee from COMAL Mujeres, a part of the proceeds goes to Traveling Medical en Dental Clinic from this region. This clinic goes out 12 weeks a year and visits all 300+ producers of coffee. Proceeds mainly go to supporting women's health in this region. In order to achieve this, vitamins are bought, for example, which are hardly or not present in the daily diet of women in this region.

Although coffee provides the largest yield at COMAL Mujeres , it is not the only product grown here. Honey, certain fruits and various vegetables such as corn and beans are part of the production of COMAL Mujeres. In addition, trees are planted to broaden biodiversity, protect groundwater and ensure that bees can go their own way for an increase in honey production. 

This coffee falls into the SHG category, which stands for Strictly High Grown. This means that the coffee is grown at a minimum altitude of 1700 meters. Growing coffee at higher elevations results in a slower ripening process, which results in a higher density in the bean.


Guatemalan coffee is known for being one of the most nuanced, flavorful coffees in the world. After a major step back in the period 2010-2012 due to so-called 'coffee leaf rust', a disease among coffee plants that causes the death of the plant, Guatemala is once again fully engaged in the production of excellent quality specialty coffee beans. Due to the emergence of more and more cooperatives, the quality of coffee in Guatemala has risen sharply in recent years. Forming a cooperative can have the advantage that, for example, the purchase of an Organic trademark can be divided among several farmers. Certain costs can also be divided, knowledge is exchanged and there is cooperation to achieve better quality and a higher yield. 

The coffee bean has a cupping score of 84. Curious how this score is determined? In the article on rating coffee this process is explained. 


Sustainable Development GoalsSustainable Development GoalsSustainable Development GoalsSustainable Development GoalsSustainable Development Goals

The 225 gram bags are delivered through the letterbox. You do not need to be at home for this. So nice and easy! When ordering more than 2 bags, it will be sent as normal parcel post. Also 400 gram bags are sent as normal parcel post.

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