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Specialty Coffee Sample Pack

Specialty Coffee Sample Pack

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Each coffee bean has a different characteristic taste. Even beans from the same country can have a different flavor profile. Due to the large supply, it is sometimes impossible to see the forest for the trees. Which bean suits you best? To find out, we have put together a sample pack with three or four accessible types of Specialty Coffee.

This sample pack contains the following types of coffee beans:

Brazil Dark Chocolate: Delicious lightly roasted coffee bean with strong shades of dark chocolate. This flavor was created by combining a Brazilian Arabica Specialty coffee bean with a robust robusta coffee bean from Uganda.


M&M India Arabica: A bean that has undergone the so-called 'Monsoon' process. This gives the M&M India Arabica its powerful, dark taste. For when you're looking for something stronger!


Colombia Supremo Arabica: A Colombian arabica bean with character! The Colombia Supremo has a strong citrus overtone. Try something new and be surprised!


Brazil Yellow Caramel: A medium roast Arabica with a soft, sweet taste of mocha, milk chocolate and caramel. A favorite among the connoisseurs!

The different types of coffee beans in the gift set are changed every season to ensure that the coffee is perfectly suited to the moment.


To keep the coffee beans as fresh and responsible as possible, they are supplied in a 60% biodegradable coffee bag. These coffee bags have a special valve that guarantees the freshness of your coffee by breathing waste gases out without letting in oxygen.

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