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India Intense

India Intense

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Intensity: 9/10

The rich flavor profile of these coffee beans is made up of chocolate, spices and nuts.


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The powerful coffee beans from India

This type of coffee comes from Mysore, located in the Karnataka region. This region accounts for as much as 80% of India's coffee production.

When tea first arrived in India, coffee beans had been cultivated for 200 years. This started in the 1600s. In India, coffee is drunk as Indian Filter Kaapi, which is made with a traditional metal filter and combined with foamed and boiled milk. Indian Filter Kaapi is derived from the British preference for coffee with milk.

These Indian coffees are grown in the shade, under jungle trees of 30 meters or higher. These jungle trees are maintained by the estate staff so that they regulate the amount of sunlight on the coffee bushes. The overhanging leaves also attract birds to visit and the falling leaves and organic matter improve the quality of the soil where the coffee bushes are located. The coffee bushes are picked by hand and dried in the sun after the cherry pulp has been removed.


All arabica coffee beans from India can be divided into complex categories. These categories are determined by screen size and number of defects. A, AB, B, C and PB are the commercially available grades. We have chosen the class A coffee bean, which indicates that they have a large screen size and few to no defects. During the roasting process, these beans give off a sweet, slightly peppery aroma.


These coffee beans have a cupping score of 82.5. When a type of coffee has a cupping score above 80, it belongs to the category Specialty Coffee. Curious where this score comes from? Read the blog about the cupping process!


The 225 gram bags of coffee beans are delivered through the letterbox. You do not need to be at home for this. So nice and easy!

When ordering more than 2 bags, it will be sent as normal parcel post.

400 gram bags are sent as normal parcel post.

Ordered before 15:00 on working days? Enjoy fresh specialty coffee tomorrow! 🚐


We focus on sustainable, fair and delicious specialty coffee beans!

By relating the Sustainable Development Goals to our products and actions, we try to make the world just a little bit better. 🌱

With every cup of coffee you contribute to a more sustainable world!


This specialty coffee is roasted Medium Dark Roast. This makes this strain ideal for use in a fully automatic coffee machine.


India 🇮🇳

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The specialty coffee experience

Not just coffee

Specialty coffee is coffee of first-class quality that meets the highest standards in all phases of the supply chain. Not comparable with coffee from the supermarket.

Taste the difference