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Brazil Dark Chocolate

Brazil Dark Chocolate

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Intensity: 10/10

Coffee beans with strong shades of dark chocolate. A medium roasted blend of Brazilian and Ugandan specialty coffee beans


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Uganda, land of the robusta coffee beans

The coffee export in Uganda is a huge source of income for the country. As much as 27% of all export products consist of coffee beans. Uganda has an important influence on the coffee industry. This country is responsible for the export of up to 3 million bags of coffee per year.

Almost all coffee beans from Uganda are exported. The inhabitants of Uganda mainly drink tea. The coffee production in Uganda consists of 90% robusta coffee beans, as we also use in this blend. Up to 90% of all robusta coffee beans grow within a radius of 300km around Lake Victoria.


Fair coffee in Uganda

The National Union of Coffee Agribusinesses and Farm Enterprises (NUCAFE) group was established to ensure that the coffee trade also proceeds fairly in less prosperous countries. Because in these kinds of countries it is all the more important that the farmers get a fair share, NUCAFE ensures that the farmer can fulfill more roles within the coffee chain. In this way, these roles do not have to be taken off your hands by other parties who can abuse the less prosperous farmers and take a large share. NUCAFE has drawn up the 'farmers ownership model' for this.

In addition to the fair distribution and training achieved with this model, the 'gender equity program' has also been drawn up. This program ensures that women and men have equal freedom of decision-making within a family that runs a coffee plantation.


The Brazilian Berries coffee bean was also used for this blend. Curious about the story behind this bean? Then take a look here!


The 225 gram bags of coffee beans are delivered through the letterbox. You do not need to be at home for this. So nice and easy!

When ordering more than 2 bags, it will be sent as normal parcel post.

400 gram bags are sent as normal parcel post.

Ordered before 15:00 on working days? Enjoy fresh specialty coffee tomorrow! 🚐


We focus on sustainable, fair and delicious specialty coffee beans!

By relating the Sustainable Development Goals to our products and actions, we try to make the world just a little bit better.

With every cup of coffee you contribute to a more sustainable world!


This specialty coffee is roasted Medium Dark Roast. 🔥 This makes these coffee beans ideal for use in a fully automatic coffee machine.


This coffee is a blend of two types of specialty coffee, from Brazil 🇧🇷and Uganda 🇺🇬

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The specialty coffee experience

Not just coffee

Specialty coffee is coffee of first-class quality that meets the highest standards in all phases of the supply chain. Not comparable with coffee from the supermarket.

Taste the difference