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Colombia Supremo Organic

Colombia Supremo Organic

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The rich flavor profile of this coffee is made up of brown spices, almond, dark chocolate and caramel.


Aipecito, the Organic Region
This coffee bean comes from Aipecito, Huila in Colombia and was supplied by the Asociación Agropecuario de Aipecito, or the Agricultural Association of Aipecito. This is a small cooperative with about 50 members who are all certified Organic Coffee producers. This makes Aipecito coffee a special one, because certified Organic coffee is not only difficult to find, but can also be very pricey. We try to offer these for the fairest possible price, which makes the search a bit more difficult.


The farmers in this cooperative are mainly smaller producers. The life of a small-scale coffee farmer can bring many challenges, especially if the choice is made for organic coffee. Organic certification is unaffordable for a small-scale farmer, which makes a collaboration like the Asociación Agropecuario de Aipecit so lucrative. This also allows small-scale operations to share the high costs of organic certification.


Because how great is the idea that even on a small-scale level a product can be produced without this having a negative impact on the environment? And then also offer high quality! It hardly gets any better than that. This gives inspiration and hope for the future, not only aimed at the coffee bean market.


This coffee bean has a cupping score of 83.5. When a type of coffee has a cupping score above 80, it belongs to the Specialty Coffee category.

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