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Brazil Yellow Caramel

Brazil Yellow Caramel

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The flavor profile of this coffee is made up of milk chocolate, purple fruit and berries.

We are happy to take you on a trip to the Mogiana region in Brazil, where this coffee bean originally comes from. The coffee farmers in this region make a major contribution to economic and social development. Cocapil is one of the cooperatives active in the Mogiana region and has some 1,300 members, including several award-winning coffee producers in international competitions.



Cocapil strives for transparent relationships and trade with coffee farmers. This transparency is noticeable through a complete overview with all necessary information about the coffee beans, an overview of the money that actually ends up with the farmer and communication with the cooperative and the farmer.


The Cocapil cooperative is committed to the planet and fully recognizes the importance of the environment. This is important not only for coffee production, but also for our lives and our community.


The coffee bean has a cupping score of 83.25. When a type of coffee has a cupping score above 80, it belongs to the Specialty Coffee category.

Do you have more questions about the origin of our Brazil Yellow Caramel? Please let us know via the contact form!

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