Coffee at work, enjoy all day

In addition to providing many coffee drinkers with a delicious taste experience at home, K&P Coffee also supplies coffee to the workplace.


Delicious coffee at work all day long

The Dutch are one of the biggest coffee drinkers in the world. Many people start the morning with a cup of coffee to start the day strong. It keeps people focused, motivated and satisfied. How nice would it be if you could take the delicious coffee from home to work? Or to discover new coffee aromas, like a real barista? Enjoy all day long, that's what everyone wants!

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Why specialty coffee at work?


In addition to the fact that everyone can enjoy delicious coffee at work in this way, there are many advantages here.

  • A satisfied employee counts for two! Good coffee in the workplace increases motivation and creativity, which is reflected in better performance.
  • Nowadays it is difficult to get new employees into a company. Good coffee is a nice plus! The coziness that comes with this is a nice bonus.
  • The impression to business relations. How nice is it when a potential customer comes by and you can offer this customer delicious coffee? This gives a good impression of your company.
  • Positivity within the company
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koffie op werk koffiebonen specialty coffee


Whether you prefer an easy and quick cup of coffee at the office or prefer an espresso brewed with finesse in your lunchroom, we provide a suitable solution for every company.

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The best equipment for your business

In addition to supplying the coffee beans, we also offer coffee makers and other equipment for rental or sale. The possibilities are diverse and very dependent on your company.

Are you curious about the possibilities? Do not hesitate and contact us via the contact form below or via

  • koffie op het werk

    Stimulates productivity and creativity

  • koffie op het werk

    Makes a good impression on business relations

  • koffie op het werk

    Positive conversation about the company

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