Specialty Coffee - Fresh sustainable coffee beans

We focus on sustainable, fair and delicious specialty coffee beans! By relating the Sustainable Development Goals to our products and actions, we try to make the world just a little bit better. With every cup of coffee you contribute to a more sustainable world! Curious about the K&P sustainability initiative? Take a look here at how the SDGs are related to the products and actions of K&P Coffee.

  • Lighter roast 🔥

    Specialty coffee is roasted lighter than standard supermarket coffee. This brings out all the flavors clearly. So enjoy ☕️

  • Fast shipping 🚐

    Up to 2 bags of 225 grams, the package will be delivered through the letterbox. Very easy, very fast!

  • A sustainable world 🌱

    We focus on sustainable, fair and delicious specialty coffee! Transparency about origin, price and quality. Will you help too?

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A new coffee experience

Specialty coffee is not just any coffee. It is premium quality coffee that meets the highest standards at all stages of the supply chain. Not comparable to coffee from the supermarket.

Experience aromas that you have never tasted before.

Create a moment for yourself

Make the most of your coffee moment, so you can enjoy the rest of the day. So take your time ☕️

Coffee beans, roasted fresh every week!

The types of coffee

The range of specialty coffee beans consists of a number of varieties with a fixed origin: Brazil, Colombia, India and our Brazilian Blend. The Monthly Special has also been added to this. This strain will change every month and are carefully selected for durability and the best quality. In addition to our regular range, there is also some variation!

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Up to 2 bags of 225 grams, the package is delivered through the letterbox. So nice and easy! Not sure which kind to choose? Try a coffee bean sample pack first and determine your favorite. These are available in all shapes and sizes and are somewhat cheaper than purchasing the separate bags. Enjoy the best quality coffee quickly and cheaply!