Sustainable Development Goals

You may have heard of it. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is now becoming a phenomenon. These goals have been set up to ensure that sustainability is given a higher priority in the coming years. All members of the United Nations have been working on this since 2015 to achieve the 2030 climate goals.


For many people it goes without saying: treating the earth with care. Unfortunately, we see that in many companies money is put above everything else. All means are used for this, even if this could have serious consequences for our future and future generations. We want to put a stop to this.

The project consists of 17 goals. The goals are set to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that by 2030 all people can live in peace and prosperity. The 17 climate goals can be found in the image below.


Within the specialty coffee industry, the SDGs are not as well known as we would like. We would like to change this! From now on, the SDGs that most apply to them will be displayed on the website for our products.

Are you curious? For example, take a look at our specialty coffee beans page and choose a product. Below each product, the climate goals that this product focuses on are shown.

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