Recycle your coffee bag

K&P Coffee is continuously working on making the company and our activities more sustainable. In addition to offering sustainable coffee varieties that also support smallholder farmers and offering the option to plant a tree with every order, we would also like to take a closer look at our production process.


We want to give customers the option to return the empty coffee bags in exchange for a discount on the next order of specialty coffee! In the context of food safety, we only do this once per coffee bag. By means of this discount we cover at least the costs of the stamp, together with a compensation per bag sent.



  • A stamp nowadays costs €0.96. We therefore compensate at least one euro per shipment for this.
    You will also receive a €0.30 discount on the next order per coffee bag in the shipment. The more bags you hand in, the more free specialty coffee beans you receive. Nice bonus!
  • We only reuse the coffee bags once.
  • Would you like to return the coffee bags again to us for a discount? You can! Then we ensure that the coffee bags will be processed in the correct way. Because we like to encourage sustainability, you still get the same discount per shipment.
  • Send us a message when you expect to send empty bags. Then we will pass on the address and discount code for the next order!
  • Are you planning to make use of this arrangement but would you rather not purchase shipping packaging for this? Please indicate this when ordering, and we will ensure that an extra shipping package is added to the order!

Do you also contribute to improving this world? We can make a difference, one cup at the time.


Do you have more innovative ideas to make our products, services or operations more sustainable? Do not hesitate and let us know via the contact form. Will you give us the golden tip? Then we will of course provide a matching reward!

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