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Sustainability is our top priority! In addition to opting for sustainable coffee varieties, we are increasingly trying to implement the Sustainable Development Goals and are continuously looking for innovative ways to bring our products and actions a step closer to achieving the 2030 climate goals. .


Plant a tree with every order and choose sustainable coffee

In collaboration with Regreener, we offer the option to donate €0.75 with every order to plant a tree.


What are the benefits of planting a tree?

Trees provide CO2 absorption

This is perhaps the most well-known benefit of planting trees. Due to the ever-growing economy and industrial innovation, CO2 emissions have increased enormously in recent years. Research by the International Energy Agency (IEA) has shown that CO2 emissions in 2021 were higher than ever. This increase turned out to be twice as high as the IEA initially predicted. This was mainly due to relatively high gas prices and the increase in coal firing, which has resulted in an increase of up to 40% in emissions.

We are now living in a new year. A year where we can start making improvements. Although this may only be the beginning, every little bit helps to ensure that CO2 emissions are reduced. This way not only we, but also our relatives can enjoy life on this planet for a long time.


Some facts about the relationship between trees and CO2:

  • Trees purify the air we breathe. The air is purified by a process called photosynthesis. The by-products of this process are oxygen and plant food (in the form of glucose).
  • A tree provides an average of 24 kg of CO2 absorption
  • To grow a tree 1 cubic meter, a tree purifies 1 million cubic meters of air from CO2.


Trees help maintain biodiversity


First of all, it is important to explain the concept of Biodiversity: Biodiversity is simply the variety of life in a certain area – from a drop of water to an entire forest or even the earth as a whole (According to Wageningen University, source). Whether this concerns an expansion of animals, insects, people or even mosses, everyone here talks about the concept of biodiversity. The relationship between biodiversity and the planting of new trees is, of course, somewhat self-explanatory. The more trees, the more space there is for animals and insects to live, for example.


There is a big problem with decreasing (or not increasing) biodiversity. For example, when insects have little food left and die or migrate, the animals further up the food chain also have no food left to continue living. In principle you get a kind of 'domino effect', which can cause large groups of animals to become extinct or migrate to places where food is available (which in turn causes a shortage of food for other life that lives there). Not only in the long term, but also in the short term this will even have consequences for humans.


Biodiversity is therefore certainly not an issue to be ignored. Planting trees plays a huge and positive role in this.


In addition to providing the best quality, we also want to ensure the sale of sustainable coffee by means of the above points. Curious about the specific process and what is done with these donations? Check the Regreener website.

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