The best coffee choice

Honest and delicious specialty coffee

5 delicious coffee varieties

We want to make sure that there is a delicious variety
available for everyone. Which type suits you?

Delivered through the letterbox

All our types of coffee are delivered through the letterbox. Do you already know which kind you want and would you rather receive a little more? Discover the 400 gram bags!

The best surprise for yourself or someone else

Looking for an original gift? A suitable gift for everyone!

  • Roasted lighter

    Specialty coffee is roasted lighter than supermarket coffee. This brings out all the flavors clearly.

  • Fast delivery

    Up to 2 bags of 225 grams, the package will be delivered through the letterbox. Nice and easy, nice and fast!

  • A sustainable world

    We focus on sustainable, fair and delicious specialty coffee. Will you help too?

  • An affordable, new coffee experience

    We strive for a fair price, so that everyone can experience new flavors.

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The best part of waking up in the morning.

Wake up with specialty coffee. An experience that stays with you all day long.